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HP Beta-Readers is CLOSED.

hp_betareaders is a community to help writers and beta-readers of Harry Potter fanfiction come together easily. This isn't a community at which to post fanfiction. This is simply a place to find a beta for your fanfic or a writer to work with. Fanfiction and available betas are categorized using tags for ease of search.

All posts are viewable by the public, so you do not need to join in order to search the community. Writers interested in submitting a beta request may do so without joining as well. However, betas wanting to submit their profile to the community are required to join before submitting their post to the mod queue. Membership is no longer moderated and is now OPEN for simplicity.

the essentials

Before searching for a writer/beta or submitting your own post to the queue, please read the Essentials. The Essentials are a few guides that I have written to help you get acquainted with the community and make your search easier. They may all apply to you, but chances are that you will only need to read a few of them for your purpose. They're short (I promise), so please take the few minutes out of your day to read through them quickly. It's for your own good! =) If you have any questions, there is not an FAQ post yet (as there are not yet any FAQ's), so please feel free to send me a message.

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